Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Q (With Amazing Objectivity) Interviews Himself On The Subject Of His Wife's U.S. Paperback Release: A Pinch Of Love

Today my wife's book is released in paperback with a new title. What was once known as SIMPLY FROM SCRATCH in the U.S. shall be from this day forth known as A PINCH OF LOVE. Look to the left and you will see the new cover, which really makes me want to eat strawberry pie.

Readers, if you love me and care at all about my well being, you should immediately buy several copies of this book from your local bookseller or online (yes, you should buy multiple copies even though it was written by my wife and not me; although I did edit early drafts and offer editorial input, if that does anything for you). Purchasing multiple copies of A PINCH OF LOVE will A) improve my wife's sense of self-esteem and thereby bolster the health of my marriage B) help to provide me with financial stability C) and strengthen our careers. Here are some convenient links: Amazon - Barnes & Noble - Powell's - INDIEBOUND

Still here? Need more convincing? Not sold yet? Don't love me quite that much? Want to know something about A PINCH OF LOVE before you buy your copies? You stickler! Okay. I understand. In this tough economy you can't buy every book that comes down the pike. For those whose wallets require assuaging, please read the below transcript of me interviewing myself on the subject of why people (A.K.A. YOU) should immediately buy copies of my wife's paperback.

The Interview:

Q: Congratulations to your family regarding the latest publication; so this is the fourth book you and your wife have published?

Q: Actually, it's the paperback version of Alicia's debut, only with a different title. So technically, still the third book we have collectively published. And for the record--2 books Q, 1 book Bessette. But thanks!

Q: We can't help noticing the words INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER on the jacket this time around. Looks very impressive!

Q: It is impressive. The book found an extremely large audience in Europe. Particularly Germany where it remained on their bestseller list for the majority of a summer. Quite remarkable.

Q: Has your wife's becoming an International Bestseller caused you any marital problems?

Q: What do you mean?

Q: Well, you're not an International Bestseller, are you?

Q: What's your point?

Q: Do you ever feel inadequate? Like your wife has eclipsed you? Do you ever sit alone in your office wondering when you will be an International Bestseller? Were you embarrassed when your grandmother told her friend at the old folks home that you were also a bestseller? And if not, why didn't you set the record straight?

Q: What the hell kind of interview is this? I'm very proud of Alicia's accomplishments. We support each other. We're not competitive at all. Besides, she has no movie deal like I do.

Q: Yet.

Q: What?

Q: Alicia has no movie deal YET. A PINCH OF LOVE would make a wonderful movie. New England's answer to FRIED GREEN TOMATOES. It has Oscar written all over it, don't you think?

Q: I do, actually. I must confess.

Q: So when someone wises up and options her book, will you be able to handle it?

Q: Can we just talk about the paperback release of A PINCH OF LOVE today?

Q: Touchy, aren't we. Nerves everywhere. Okay. What's it about?

Q: What's what about?

Q: The book you are supposed to be promoting today: A PINCH OF LOVE.

Q: Oh, here is the official synopsis:

With a little bit of flour and a pinch of love, anything is possible...

Rose-Ellen "Zell" Carmichael Roy doesn't cook, but she wears her late husband Nick's camouflage apron every day. That's her widow style. It's been more than a year since Nick's tragic death during a post-Katrina relief mission in New Orleans, but Zell can't bring herself to move on.

Then, a postman's error spurs her to enter a baking contest in the hopes of donating the grand prize to the hurricane survivors in Nick's memory. After Zell's first attempt at baking goes embarrassingly awry, she meets Ingrid Knox, her motherless nine-year-old neighbor, and the two forge an unlikely friendship that will alter both their lives forever.

Q: We could have read that on her website, Ace. Tell them what you think about it.

Q: Well...it's a beautiful book. If you know Alicia, then you know this book is her to the core. It's a love song to New England. It's an exploration of loneliness and friendship and the sharp pain we sometimes feel when our lives suddenly and unexpectedly come into focus. It's about the power of dogs and pet ownership. It's about how ordinary people can create magic and do amazing things, even if the rest of the world never notices. It's really a fantastic book. Reading it will make you want to be a better person.

Q: Of course you'd say that. You're her husband!

Q: Other people have said really nice things too!

Q: You can't just make that generalization. Back it up, tough guy.

Q: Okay. Here you go:

—People magazine

"Fans of Cecelia Ahern’s PS, I Love You will find a lot to like here ... strong, richly detailed ... with a truly lovable heroine ... the spins and turns the story takes along the way are well worth the ride."
—Library Journal

"Nicely wrought ... Quietly charming, with a dash of romance."

"A sophisticated, compelling story full of humor and feelings, that does without any kitsch. It shows how much 'love goes through the stomach.' In other words: A divine indulgence!"
—Arno Udo Pfeiffer, German TV & radio journalist

"A love-letter of a novel. There's enough warmth here to fill your house on the coldest night. You'll wish you knew these people, this world."
—Justin Cronin, bestselling author of The Passage

“This story of a young widow edging warily back into the world is full of vivid characters and grace. Imbued with hope but blessedly lacking in sentimentality, it is a fresh, stirring take on the devastation of grief and the holiness of friendship.”
—Marisa de los Santos, bestselling author of Love Walked In

"In her wise and delightfully fresh debut, Alicia Bessette has composed a tender song that rises through the clouds of loss and grief until it bursts into a joyous celebration of the human heart. To read this story is to embrace life."
—Beth Hoffman, bestselling author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt

“A sweet story of regeneration and hope, delivered by a writer of generous spirit and great heart.”
—Rachel Simon, bestselling author of The Story Of Beautiful Girl

“Intricately plotted, peopled with quirky, small-town heroes that come alive on the page. A wonderful debut, tender and deft and full of heart, touched with good humor and compassion, a modern hymn to friendship and love.”
—Roland Merullo, author of Breakfast with Buddha

"Readers will fall for the characters of this New England town who try to rescue the worn-through heart of one of their own. Told with equal parts warmth, hope, and humor. Destined to be passed among friends who've shared in each other's grief, and honored it with love and compassion. It's a triumph of the heart."
—Amy MacKinnon, author of Tethered

“An utterly charming read about love, loss, and what makes people go on with their lives after tragedy.”
—Patricia Wood, author of Lottery

Q: Wow. That's actually really impressive. Did I count three blurbs from bestselling authors?

Q: Actually, there are FOUR endorsements from bestselling authors. Four.

Q: Does that intimidate you? All the attention your wife gets from bestselling authors?

Q: A little; I must confess.

Q: Of course, you're targeting readers who have yet to discover the joys of reading Alicia Bessette's work. But what do you say to all of the people who have already purchased the hardback copy? Why should they buy this paperback?

Q: Well, this one has a different title, a new and improved cover, and says International Bestseller on the front. If you are a true Bessette fan, the paperback's a must-have for your collection. Great for rereading. No longer will you have to battle the hard un-bendable spine and cover. Paperbacks are so reader-friendly and cheaper too! You could also buy a copy for a friend. Or a family member. Or maybe even buy copies for total strangers! Just walk up to people, hand them a recently purchased copy of A PINCH OF LOVE, and say, "This is for you. You'll love it." Maybe then you might consider giving them a pinch of love on the cheek, just for fun. This could really help to make the world a better place.

Q: I was looking at your wife's author photo and she's very beautiful.

Q: Thank you. I agree.

Q: And yet, you are so ugly.

Q: Hey!

Q: Have you ever noticed that Alicia is much more photogenic than you?

Q: Yes, I have. It has been a constant source of embarrassment since 1993. In every photo of us, her beauty makes me look monstrous by comparison. Take for example this photo our friend Drea took of us in Vermont.

Q: Yes, Alicia looks stunning, and you sort of look like George "The Animal" Steele and Mr. Clean had a baby.

Q: Damn.

Q: Too true?

Q: Can we stick to talking about A PINCH OF LOVE?

Q: Okay. This book is about baking? Does your wife bake?

Q: She does. For many years my wife was a young inexperienced vegetarian and so her baking was often inedible. She was also vegan for a spell. But now that she is no longer living the a strict vegetarian lifestyle and therefore can follow recipes without substituting, her baking has improved dramatically. She also has found some good vegetarian recipes too. She has been making rhubarb pie and crisp this summer. It's divine.

Q: Your wife makes fantastic rhubarb pie. That's very interesting.

Q: Are you making fun of me?

Q: I prefer harder tasks. Any last words before we wrap this thing up?

Q: Yes, Mr. Jerkface. In all seriousness, A PINCH OF LOVE is a beautiful book written by a woman who is beautiful on the inside and out. Many many people have read and loved this novel. Every book sold is a vote for an author's career. So please consider purchasing copies of A PINCH OF LOVE. Please tell friends and family members about this book. I love the woman who wrote A PINCH OF LOVE and want nothing more than to see her career continue to grow. There are many reasons for this. Her books are very good. She loves to write. We've worked very hard to make it this far. So to all of you who have purchased or are about to purchase copies of our books, we send you much love and thanks.

Good News!
We're giving away FIVE SIGNED paperback copies of A PINCH OF LOVE. If you have already read the book, make a comment below and if you win, we'll send a copy to your friend or loved one. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading Alicia's book, just make a comment below and you'll be entered into the giveaway. This giveaway ends on Friday October 28th so comment ASAP!


Sensei WaWa said...

Alicia is a beautiful person and A Pinch of Love is a beautiful book. Will definitely be buying a few copies for Christmas gifts.

George the Animal Steele and Mr. Clean, too funny!

Anonymous said...

You had me laughing at my desk this morning! You are way more handsome than the baby of Mr. and Mr. Steele but the problem is, she's so beautiful! Happy for both of you.

kent said...

Matt, this is too funny! I was laughing out loud! From the title on, great interview!

I was fortunate enough to meet Alicia and form a bond with her that was strong enough to get me to read a freaking pink and white cover book called SIMPLY FROM SCRATCH (I'm more of a Stephen King kinda guy). It was, I thought, going to me my first foray into the "romantic novel". Boy, was I wrong. It is simply a great book with flawed characters that you can't help but love in a small town you want to immediately move to. It's message is universal and touching and will melt the hearts of anyone it comes in contact with. Congratulations, Alicia! I'll head on over to Amazon now and grab the paperback copy before Matt berates himself any longer.

Scott Humfeld said...

I'm surprised you let that bozo interview you. And I thought Piers Morgan was bad. But I thought you held your own pretty well.
I loved Simply From Scratch and now I'll have to buy Pinch of Love to see if it is any better (How could it be?) with International Best Seller on the cover.
Congrats to both of you.

PK said...

Anyone who hasn't yet read SIMPLY FROM SCRATCH should read A PINCH OF LOVE. It's even more awesome than that photo of Q and Al in Vermont! (I don't know Q, you say Mr. Clean, I say Professor X...)

Ernie said...

I don't know, I happen to find the Animal's maniacally coiffured back hair rather bewitching.

Melodie Wright said...

Oh, sign me up! And since this is YOUR blog, I'm dropping by to tell you how much I LOVED SLRS. Srsly. Like Hunger Game loved. I read it as an ARC when I was working in a middle school library, so it wasn't my book and it's taken me this long to track you down and stroke your ego. Er...I mean send you kudos. :)
However, it is now on my TBB (to-be-bought) list for my daughter. There is no higher compliment a paranoid bibliophilic mom can pay.

Kevin M Roberts said...

I happen to know a ordained minister who excels in authentic family systems marital counseling, no BS, just good listening skills applied to overachieving tour de force couples who might need some therapy to manage their success due to hard work and determination...aw hell, ya'll don't need counseling, I do! Great blog post Q. Keep the faith...and watch it evolve!

Q said...

Thanks for all of the kind comments, especially the ones about Q being Professor X-esque, more handsome than old school professional wrestlers and cartoons endorsing cleaning products, as well as funny. You are all far too kind.

Melodie...thanks so much for the kind words about SLARS. Means a lot to me. Truly.

Because we are so excited about A PINCH OF LOVE we are declaring everyone who has commented so far a winner!

You may claim the book for yourself or gift it to a friend anywhere in the US of A. Please send the name of the recipient and his/her US address to matthewquickwriter[at]gmail.com
and we'll send those books out ASAP!

Check back next week for an interview with National Book Award finalist Sara Zarr and ANOTHER book giveaway!

Rock on.

Anonymous said...


I have read Boy21. @SensaWaWa highly recommended It/you and I really enjoyed it. Sooooo, if you are saying your Brides book is fantastic, it must be. I will be sure to pick up a copy, if the Gov leaves my pension alone, I might be able to grab several. Good luck Matt!! Pat

Q said...

Thanks, Pat. We appreciate it much. Power to the educators! And @SensaWaWa is a good man.

sarah pekkanen said...

Best interview ever! (But Q, you really should've slapped the guy for a few of his questions). Best of luck on the paperback release, Alicia! xoxo, Sarah

Jenny B said...

A few months ago I was lucky enough to come across a copy of "Simply from Scratch" at a local store in my area.

I don't consider myself an avid reader...I look for books that fit into the small notch of what I like to read and consider myself blessed whenever I find one. Well happily and to my surprise, "Simply from Scratch" is one of those books.

I enjoyed reading every word. I loved the characters, loved the story and loved the style of writing. As a matter fact, I find myself re-reading the last few chapters over and over again.

Congratulations, Ms. Bessette. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.