Saturday, November 26, 2011


I received an e-mail yesterday from Jim Convey, the man who owns one of the Eagles busses featured in THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK movie. He's a big fan of TSLP book, which is cool enough. But he also sent me this photo of his beloved Birdswagon 2 as he left it set up the day David O. Russell used it as a movie prop.

Just when I thought the e-mail couldn't get any better, I opened the link he included. That took me to ESPN, where I learned about Jim's son, Jamie--a ten-year-old kid diagnosed with cerebral palsy--and his young career as a Philly sports commentator.

You want to watch this short video clip. You want to read this article. You will be inspired. I promise. These men are heroes.

I'm continually amazed by how many connections I make through writing. There's a lot of good out there.

And words save.

Every day.



Scott Humfeld said...

That was really cool that Mr. Convey wrote you and sent the photo of the bus. Another TSLP fan heard from.

And hooray for Jamie! If I lived in the states I would definitely listen to the Jamie C Show.

Words save

Every day.

Well said, Matt. Thanks for sharing this.

PK said...

Best story I've heard about in a long time. Very cool all the connections you are making through your work, Q. Proof you are on the right track!

The Sensei said...

It's not even 8 on a Sunday morning and I am tearing up on my couch. What an amazing story of love. As a father of three I felt every emotion coming from Jim. It is true that words have the power to save in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

kent said...

Touching story! You can tell that this kid is going to grow up and take over the world if he wants to. Such a positive force! And what a great father! Thanks for sharing!

Barb McClatchy said...

Thanks for sharing this great story of incredible love and inspiring will. It's yet another heart-warming example of how the passion for sports can provide healing on so many different levels.

BD said...

Well, the Birds might not be doing so hot this year, but I'm still proud to count myself a fan among fans like Jamie C. Like many of the people featured on this site, Jamie has found his passion and isn't shy about pursuing it. Thanks for sharing his story, Q!

Melodie Wright said...

Wow - great story. The world is full of people handling challenging situations with grace/courage/humor and we don't hear those stories enough. Thanks for sharing this one.