Saturday, January 11, 2014

Help Spread The Word AND (maybe) WIN PRIZES

***Because of the overwhelming response, we have run out of postcards! Therefore, the contest is officially closed. THANKS to all who agreed to spread the word. Much love!***

THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW (U.S.A. edition) will be published in just one month.

How do you win prizes?

Give these postcards to people who might be interested in reading THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW. You can hand them out directly, place a stack on the break-room table at work, hang a few up at your local coffeehouse or bar or eatery or grocery store or fire hall, put a few on display at your local library, mail them to friends and family, give them to your students or colleagues or neighbors or book club members or the people who teach your children or your religious leaders or dog walkers or bosses or bowling teams or karaoke partners or even complete strangers, staple them to public message boards ... whatever you'd like! Be creative!

How will you receive the cards?

Just e-mail your home mailing address to my personal assistant, Isabel Johnson, here:

Isabel will immediately mail you a stack of cards (while supplies last) and maybe a little something extra. (Signed prizes will be randomly inserted into many--but not all--of the outgoing envelopes, again, while supplies last.)

All who help with this project will be entered to win one of THREE signed hardback first U.S. edition copies of THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW. The lucky winners will receive their copies via mail right around the publication date.

How can you increase your odds of winning the signed first edition?

Tweet (on Twitter) me


a picture that clearly shows a THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW postcard in its new home. (I will tweet you back! Guaranteed! Unless your tweet is mean or horribly offensive, which I know it won't be because you are wonderful and humane.)

At the very least, you will receive free (and very hip) GOOD LUCK postcards just by e-mailing Isabel, who is mind-blowingly kind. You just might receive a bonus gift in your envelope. Who knows?

I couldn't be more excited about this novel. The early reviews are fantastic. More movie news is imminent. And it's almost here in the world!


A huge THANK YOU in advance to all of you, my readers. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for taking this literary journey with me; thanks for allowing my words to enter into your mind.

***Contest open to U.S. residents only. I love you, rest of the world, but this is to promote the US launch.***


Elizabeth Bevins said...

Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed Leonard Peacock--reccomend it highly. Looking forward to your new one.

Allison Andrade said...

So sad i don't live in US :(

Michelle said...

So excited for this book!

Karen Faith Octaviano said...

I'm so excited about this! I hope I receive some postcards soon! I'm a huge fan of your work and will be coming to your event in Los Angeles :)

Michelle said...

Just to clarify - for the "tweeted" picture do you want a picture of the card out in the wild (store, friend, diner, etc..) or a picture of the cards when I get them in the mail?

Q said...

Thanks to all who entered! Michelle, a card in the wild pic would be fun!