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The letter below was read before a free showing of the movie Silver Linings Playbook at West Boylston Cinemas in Massachusetts. This event was sponsored by The Bridge of Central Mass in celebration of May Mental Health Awareness Month.

Hello. My name is Matthew Quick. If you add a ‘THE’ to SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK it becomes a novel, which existed before the movie. I wrote this story back in 2006. Every novelist hopes the audience will read the book before they see its movie adaptation, but you don’t need to leave right now if you haven’t yet read my debut. Filmmaker David O. Russell changed quite a bit of the story, so the novel might surprise. And I’m happy to report that the book and film pair nicely.

When I was writing SILVER LININGS, if you had asked me what it was about, I would have immediately said, “a father-son relationship, male bonding, and football.” I would not have said mental health—a subject I wasn’t openly discussing back then. Of course, now—almost ten years later—I can plainly see that writing TSLP was my subconscious attempt to deal with my own depression and anxiety.

When the novel was published in 2008, I expected to be bombarded with reader mail from my fellow hardcore Philadelphia Eagles fans. But my largest fan base was—and continues to be—the mental health community, of which I proudly consider myself a member. Suddenly, people I’d known for years—friends, family members, professional contacts—began talking to me about their own mental health struggles for the first time. I quickly saw that Pat's and Tiffany’s wild honestly was contagious.

I wrote THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK at a time when I was down and out. I had no money, no real job, and almost no one believed that I’d make it as a fiction writer. I was depressed and very anxious about my future. But I had a wonderful wife who encouraged me to stay positive, keep writing, and believe wildly. I was also willing to do the work, both on the page and in my personal life. That’s a powerful one-two combo.

Two summers ago, when I was at the Rio De Janeiro International Book Fair, a Brazilian interviewer said this to me: “We are all Pat.” He was a wise, kind man who also gave me a hug at the end of our talk. And he was right. I’m sure there are many Pats and Tiffanys in the room tonight. We Pats and Tiffanys are everywhere, which is beautiful because we are capable of amazing things—works of art, of love, of kindness, of healing.

Enjoy the truly great film. I hope you will also read my novel, which is a bit less Hollywood, although I’m sure your minds will project Bradley Cooper’s, Jennifer Lawrence’s, and Robert De Niro’s faces onto the pages if you do give it a post-movie read. But more importantly, I hope you will encourage the people in your life to be the best versions of themselves, which, for all of us, means facing limitations squarely and getting help whenever we need it.

My next novel, LOVE MAY FAIL, also deals with mental health. It will be published on June 16th. SONY is developing LOVE MAY FAIL for film.

Thanks for inviting Pat and Tiffany into your world.

Sincerely, Matthew Quick

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


JUNE 2015 COSMO promises Sex So Hot You'll Need to Crank the A.C.! And also names LOVE MAY FAIL a COSMO READS book/1 of 30 THINGS TO DO THIS MONTH.

Friday, May 1, 2015

LOVE MAY FAIL Teaser Trailer

When was the last time you flew a paper airplane?

The main protagonist of LOVE MAY FAIL, Portia Kane, catches her husband sleeping with a woman half her age, which triggers a powerful homing instinct. After moving back into her mother’s South Jersey row home, Portia rescues her old ’80s jean jacket from her childhood closet, puts on the hair-metal soundtrack of her teen years, and decides to look up the only truly good man she has ever met—her high school English teacher. Mr. Vernon once saw potential in Portia, encouraged her to dream big, and had a thing for paper airplanes. Portia now has a thing for nostalgia.

My good friend, Benj Lipchak, wrote, directed, and filmed the teaser trailer below. (I helped a little.) My wonderful and talented wife, Alicia Bessette, composed and performed the accompanying solo piano music, which Benj recorded. His daughter, Felicity, is our star. After a rough negotiation period, we finally granted Felicity’s demand to be paid $25 for her services, making her the highest paid member of our team. As you will soon see, she was worth every penny.

We hope the teaser trailer makes you a little nostalgic for the magic of your early years. Perhaps it's not too late to tap into that magic. LOVE MAY FAIL will be available on June 16, 2015. You can pre-order today. And if you are looking for more information, please hit this link:

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